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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Notes on Putting Itead Studio Bluetooth Shield into Command Mode

At first, I found working with the Itead Studio Bluetooth shield and the Arduino Uno R3 to be a challenge. There is documentation (see for instance this PDF) , but it isn't always very clear; it seems to have been machine translated from Chinese. Here are some notes about how to put the shield into command mode so you can send AT commands to it.

  1. Set the jumpers on the shield to Rx: D0 and Tx: D1. 
  2. Upload a sketch that doesn't use the serial port (i.e., doesn't use the serial monitor).
  3. Use Putty on the computer to which the Arduino is connected. Connect using the COM port normally used to upload sketches to the Arduino. In my case, this is usually COM3. Connect at 38400 baud.
  4. Reset the shield and reconnect using Putty.
  5. Hit return key twice to send command to shield. Result/response will echo back endlessly - hit return again to stop.
Note (10/24/2012): I have found that this does not work with the Arduino Leonardo. Because the Leonardo connects as a mouse or keyboard, it seems not to be possible to communicate with the bluetooth shield over the COM port (via Putty).


  1. can you please upload a sketch that doesn't use the serial port?


    1. Hi Eric -

      You can just use a sketch with an empty setup and loop (like the "Bare Minimum" example sketch in the Arduino IDE). It's just to be sure that there isn't something running that could block access to the serial port.