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Friday, December 28, 2012

IR Codes for CuteDigi Infrared Remote Control Kit for Arduino

The CuteDigi Infrared Remote Control Kit for Arduino includes a small (1.5" x 3.375"), light-weight IR remote  with 20 keys. The remote is marked "Car MP3," but I cannot tell who the manufcturer is. I am using this remote for a project that already includes an IR Receiver (TSOP85) breakout from Sparkfun, so I haven't yet tried the receiver that comes with the kit. 

The Sparkfun IR receiver (TSOP85) I am using does not work with an Arduino Due, but is fine with an Arduino Uno.

Using the IRremote library for Arduino, I have recorded the following codes for the keys on the IR remote:

Remote Key           IR Code (NEC)

CH-         40BF807F
CH+         40BF40BF
EQ          40BF20DF
-/VOL-      40BFA05F
+/VOL+      40BF609F
0           40BF10EF
PREV        40BF906F
NEXT        40BF50AF
1           40BF30CF
2           40BFB04F
3           40BF708F
4           40BF08F7
5           40BF8877
6           40BF48B7
7           40BF28D7
8           40BFA857
9           40BF6897
CH SET      40BF58A7

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