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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Notes on Using the CuteDigi NFC Shield with an Arduino Uno

The CuteDigi NFC (near field communication) shield works with the Arduino Uno R3. I have tried it unsuccessfully with the Arduino Leonardo and the Arduino Due.

The NFC shield works with Mifare One tags (ISO14443 Type-A) and cards (13.56 MHZ).

The CuteDigi NFC shield product page includes a link to the LinkSprite wiki page for the product. The product's wiki page includes some sample code and mentions the PN532 library but does not include a link or information about how to find it. There are a number of variants of this library, but not all of them will work. I have found that the PN532 SPI library from Seeedstudio works with a couple small modifications:

In both PN532.h and PN532.cpp, change #include <WProgram.h> to #include <Arduino.h>. (This is also mentioned on the product wiki page.) 

Test the shield using the examples that come with the PN532 SPI library.

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