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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sparkfun Color LCD - Breakout Board (Nokia LCD-11062 ) Notes

See the Sparkfun p\roduct page at

There is an Arduino library provided by TCWorld at

In the setup() method of the test pattern and basic function examples, use the line for the Phillips_0 driver


I have also found that I need to increase the contrast by uncommenting and editing the line changing the contrast:


LCD Board  -->  Arduino Uno
VBATT           5V
3.3V            3.3V
GND             GND
RESET           Digital 8
DIO             Digital 11
SCK             Digital 13
CS              Digital 9

Connecting VBATT to 5V works better than 3.3V, otherwise the backlight tends to vary in brightness or flicker. 

The display and library (ver. 3.2) also work with the Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Due. 


  1. Hey Brad, thanks to this blog I finally have the board wired properly, although am having some issues that I am hoping you may be able to help with. I am using v3.2 of the library. When I upload one of the example sketches, i get some mixed results, none of which I would consider an actual success.

    The best thing I have been able to see is mutliple color backgrounds, after reseting and running the same code again, I get a "snowy" picture which is followed by a blue background which comes in from the right to the left.

    I never see any text. ,etc. I have checked to ensure all wiring is accurate. I have tried with a Mega and an Uno. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer

    1. Hi TechTEC -

      When I first started fiddling around with this display and an Uno R3, I saw something similar. I think I may have selected (i.e., uncommented) the wrong driver. The PHILLIPS_0 driver works reliably for me in normal and high-speed mode using gLCD ver. 3.2. I can hit the Arduino's reset button repeatedly, and the screen does not lock up.

      The first time I tried the display and ran into problems, I may also have been using some wires with poor connectors attached to the pins on the breakout board. With the display on a breadboard, I can no longer reproduce the problem.

      The example file TestPattern.pde really does only contain test patterns, no text. You can find examples of text in the BasicFunctions.pde file.