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Monday, April 1, 2013

IR Codes for Adafruit Mini Remote Control

Adafruit offers an inexpensive infrared remote that they describe only as "Mini Remote Control." The control is intended for an audio device. Mine does not have the "Car" brand label, but the keypad is identical. Using a Sparkfun IR Receiver Breakout (TSOP85), here is a list of the NEC IR codes used by this device.  I have collected the codes using the IRrecvDump sketch included in examples Ken Shirriff's Arduino IRremote library.

Remote Key        Hex Code (NEC)
VOL-              FD00FF
Play / Pause      FD807F
VOL+              FD40BF
SETUP             FD20DF
Up Arrow / PREV   FDA05F
STOP / MODE       FD609F
Left Arrow / CH-  FD10EF 
ENTER / SAVE      FD906F
Right Arrow / CH+ FD50AF
0 10+             FD30CF
Down Arrow / NEXT FDB04F
Repeat            FD708F
1                 FD08F7
2                 FD8877
3                 FD48B7
4                 FD28D7
5                 FDA857
6                 FD6897
7                 FD18E7
8                 FD9867
9                 FD58A7

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